19 July 2016

Unique Blog, in collaboration with DelightFULL Unique Lamps, invites you to discover some of the most important secrets of lighting design in the interior design field.

LED’s or Incandescent bulbs? Downlight or spotlight? Which kind of dimmer to choose? Which are the best lighting fixtures for the room you are working on?

Those are some of the questions that may come up concerning lighting design.

We believe that several mistakes can be avoid concerning lighting projects if you know the answers for alll this questions in advance.

Download this free ebook and you will have:

  • Interior Design Tips of bulbs and ceiling fixtures
  • Filaments bulbs resistance
  • Light Techniques downlight and spotlight. Differences and spotlight. Differences you must know
  • Types of dimmers – Choosing the correct one.

Click here to download the free technical lighting tips ebook from Delightfull

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19 July 2016

Free Ebook | 50 Design Items For Your Living Room

Every now and then you need some inspirations for the interior designs you’re working on and here at Unique Blog we heard your prayers.

See carefully this selection of 50 Modern Must Have Items to your Living Room Design and be inspired.

In this Ebook you’ll find inspirations regarding:

  • Floor Lamps
  • Table Lamps
  • Ceiling Lamps
  • Wall Lamps
  • Sideboards

Click here to download the free 50 design items for your living room from Delightfull

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03 Dec


We are pleased to present the Decor Walther Lighting Range. You will find a broad spectrum of products here, for the bathroom and for everday living. We stock lights, cosmetic mirrors, accessoires, lifestyle products and complete lines for the bath. All products have been designed to a standard that combines good form with high quality. The highest quality such as brass, stainless steel, porcelain, crystal, leather or thermally treated wood, as well as practical details and well thought-out functions combine with modern and timeless design to guarantee long life.

To view the full lighting range of Decor Walther Lighting available now to purchase online, please click here.


Below is an excerpt from Decor Walther about the story of how the company began.


We started out in 1973.

As small traders.

In brass handles and door fittings back then.

And then we discovered the bathroom theme.

Maybe we even contributed to developing the market.

For beautiful bathroom accessories.

We’re quite proud of that.

And can rightly be.

Don’t you think?


Now you know where the lion in our brandname comes from.

With the very newest products out.

And with him at our side, we strive for the beautiful things in life, every day.

Because we always want to be that much better, that much more perfect.

Right down to the details.

Because what’s beautiful can simply become more beautiful, and even just perfect.

Perhaps perfection in itself is real beauty.


Meanwhile, we never forget our origins, not even for a second.

We listen to what our trading partners want from us.

And they inspire us with new ideas and thoughts.

Such as good designers, good craftsmen and, of course, good architects.


In a nutshell – that’s what we stand for.

We personally.

We as a brand.

We as a German and European company.


With our own developments, we endeavour to discover and create new things.

At the same time, we’re no slave to fashion.

We try to achieve classics.

Made to last.

In form and in function.


They simply have to fit in with the Decor Walther Range.

With years of experience, we do trust ourselves.

But, in the end, we can only make it happen with small manufacturers or, simply, the right ones.

So, we are always on the lookout for cooperation with the experts.

Be it in brass or stainless steel.

Or in mirrors, glass and lighting.

Be it for wood, textiles or rattan products.

And especially when it’s a question of combining things.


We’ve had many products for years.

Or even the whole of our company life.

They’ve become classics.

Still, we are always developing them further.

And carefully adapting them to current taste


That’s how our trading partners can always develop the range that suits them.

Even with small unit numbers.

We know all about it.

And haven’t forgotten, since 1973.

We began as retailer too, as a specialist firm.



Now you’re spoilt for choice.

Your magic touch is all it takes.

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Lights & Lamps Collection Australia
05 Oct

Lights & Lamps Collection Australia

L & L Australia have an extensive range of floor lamps, table lamps, pendants, shades & glassware, as well as a specialised commercial lighting range. With an emphasis on style, quality and affordability, Lights & Lamps is a fantastic choice for any of your lighting solutions.

Lights & Lamps expanding collection also includes boutique pendants chandeliers, and wall and ceiling lights to suit all tastes and budgets. The Lights and Lamps range includes contemporary, traditional and decorative lighting at competitive prices.

The L & L Collection will be available our designer section in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to check out the website again soon for more updates!

Lights & Lamps Australia

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02 Oct

Waratah Light Box

The Waratah Light Panel

Over the years Lump Sculpture Studio has quietly established themselves as one of Australia’s premier design and sculpture studios. Renowned for delivering innovative ideas and the highest quality artwork to the contemporary lifestyle market.

The Waratah Light Panel Design can be configured to suit almost any Light Panel size.

Sydney Lighthouse now offers the Waratah and the rest of the Lump Studio Light Panel Range in our online shop!

Please contact us for more information on Lump Sculpture Studio Light Panel paint effects.

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30 Sep

Ilanel designer lights feature

Kah-Du Collection

The Kah-Du series by ilanel design studio is inspired by the 60’s Op Art.

The hand crafted woven lampshades often appear to be moving or breathing due to their precise, mathematically-based composition. Their bold sculptural presence often place them as the centre of attention.

The hand woven french trim ribbon comes in a array of colours as shown on the colour chart in the downloadable brochure below. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Sydney Lighthouse exclusively sells the designer lighting rane Kah-Du by ilanel design studio range please contact us for pricing on the Kah-Du range.

Kah-Du Product Sheet

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18 Sep

Diez designer lights feature

Serrucho Lighting Collection

by DIEZ Lighting Coming this Spring.

Diez is a Mexican high-end lighting company currently positioning Mexican lighting design around the world. Their products range from table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers and pendants. In addition they also have the capability of specifying special projects. Their materials range from hand blown glass, resin, metals, wood, leather, ceramic to a wide range of fabrics in different colours and textures. Each design is conceived individually and must be appreciated for its artisanal and artistic merit.

Classic in form, modern in presence, the collection is capable of living in high-end residential, hospitality and corporate spaces. We envisage DIEZ becoming a useful resource to architects and interior designers alike; and to all those who wish to bring light into their spaces, their projects and their lives.

Please contact us for more information on the DIEZ lighting range coming later this spring.

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02 Aug

Eyoi Yoi Pendant Light

Sydney Lighthouse Online Shop has amazing eco designer lighting for the home or office that also help to reduce your energy costs and your impact on the earth.

The feature, Marc Pascals design the Eyoi-Yoi, combines a poly carbonate material with eco-friendly colour dies. Custom colouring made to order 80% white 20% custom colour (100% colour saturation can be ordered for a small extra charge).

The Eyoi-Yoi is a suspended piece of  art which can illuminate any living space. The Eyoi-Yoi is inspired by autumn leaves poised to fall from their trees. Shaped like butterflies they gently hover while suspended. The multiple communities cast a poetic display of coloured shadows within the room.

The Eyoi-Yoi can be purchased from our online shop located in the Pendant Light section.


Marc Pascal Design 


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01 Aug

Balloon Lamp by Kyouei Design

LED Balloon Lamp by Kyouei Design

Year : 2005
Material : rubber. polypropylene . LED . lithium-coin battery (CR2032)
Package size : W160mm x D40mm x H250mm
Package weight : 60g

They are a lamp which is made with a balloon and LED.
The LED has no generation off power like other lights, such as incandescent lamps. and it has high illumination, long lifetime and is energy-saving. and it is also possible to use it continuously over 100 hours by using the 2lithium-coin batteries.

Now available from accessories in our Online Shop (link to be added here)

Kyouei Design


LED Balloon Lamp by Kyouei Design White

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01 Aug

LED streetlights in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

LED Lights on the Streets

Tough Road to Getting LED Lights on the Streets – National Geographic 

Photograph by Tom Drew – National Geographic 20/01/2011

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights could help communities save more than $750 million per year in energy costs, while also offering benefits like more uniform light distribution. Around the world, LEDs are lighting streets from Torraca, Italy, to Toronto, Canada, and from Tianjin, China, to Sydney, Australia.

Yet, in the big picture, the Clinton Climate Initiative report notes “negligible” adoption of new lighting technologies by cities. When cities do seek to cut energy costs by converting old streetlights—many of which are non-metered and owned by the local utility—they often encounter a rocky road ahead.



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