Eco Designer Lighting

Eyoi Yoi Pendant Light

Sydney Lighthouse Online Shop has amazing eco designer lighting for the home or office that also help to reduce your energy costs and your impact on the earth.

The feature, Marc Pascals design the Eyoi-Yoi, combines a poly carbonate material with eco-friendly colour dies. Custom colouring made to order 80% white 20% custom colour (100% colour saturation can be ordered for a small extra charge).

The Eyoi-Yoi is a suspended piece of  art which can illuminate any living space. The Eyoi-Yoi is inspired by autumn leaves poised to fall from their trees. Shaped like butterflies they gently hover while suspended. The multiple communities cast a poetic display of coloured shadows within the room.

The Eyoi-Yoi can be purchased from our online shop located in the Pendant Light section.


Marc Pascal Design