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Lighting Design

Looking to create special atmospheres or add value to your project with a fantastic lighting design?

Our professional lighting design consultants can help you with unique lighting solutions for all residential and commercial lighting projects.

Give us a call on +612 8016 4340 or send an e-mail to to speak with our customer service team about booking in an appointment with our lighting design consultants.

For residential and commercial lighting installations in the Sydney Metropolis area our call out fee for lighting consultations is $75. If you are in regional areas of NSW or other Australian states, please contact us for call out rates.

Our lighting design consultants can create special lighting situations & imagine spaces which will provide you with a unique, value add, lighting design for your project. We also work with interior designers, architects, electricians, builders, home renovators & property developers who are looking for one of a kind lighting solutions for their projects.

Our professional lighting design service costs $500 which includes an initial consultation, a lighting plan design drawn up, formal quotation of project light fixtures & proposal of the lighting design & electrical wiring for the project.
During the lighting design process we will also be in correspondence with you or your clients to select the perfect light fixtures for the project, we will design the lighting plan to complement the projects design, decor & design aesthetics.

Our lighting plans will also create the most efficient layout for your downlights & light fittings, maximizing light output whilst not overloading the ceiling with downlights. Lighting plans range from $150 (single dwelling) – $250 (multiple dwellings). This will include all light fixture positioning & switching for the the exterior and interior light fittings – if required we can also provide power point and data point locations within the design plan.

Using feature lighting in interior and exterior spaces showcases the design features of any house or building!



Creating a great lighting plan is essential for any new build or renovation. The plan will show how the interior and exterior lighting will be positioned & switched, whilst creating atmospheres and highlighting the unique features of the property. It also makes installing a lot easier for your electrician!
Selecting suitable light fittings for the build can be daunting, so we’re here to help! We will take the time to go through each fitting for the project with you or your client to ensure the lights are perfect for the job.

For instance most modern builds may have a long horizontal kitchen island with 3 pendants or a central pendant over a dining room – how these sit aesthetically with the rest of the interiors is very important to the home or workplaces design, so taking the time to select the best luminaries for the job is a must.

As LED technology becomes more advanced, using this technology designed into functionally spaces creates a superb modern look & can create atmospheres unlike anything in the past hundred years of lighting.

For instance using RGB or colour temperature changing LEDs in a elongated hallway or entertaining area, creates a space full of wonderful colour and vibrancy. Then using this new technology we are able to then switch back from colours to a nice warm or white light for general lighting purposes.

Other factors to consider are also the weatherproofing of exterior fittings, in particular properties near coastal areas of Australia, using 316 Stainless Steel or IP65-IP67 light fittings will help to minimize the corrosion of fittings from coastal airborne particles.

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Lighting consultations available for booking in Sydney & NSW regions. Please call us on 02 8016 4340 or e-mail to arrange a time for your lighting quotation. For designer projects & trade lighting enquiries, please contact our support staff at Thank you. Dismiss