Decor Walther Lighting


We are pleased to present the Decor Walther Lighting Range. You will find a broad spectrum of products here, for the bathroom and for everday living. We stock lights, cosmetic mirrors, accessoires, lifestyle products and complete lines for the bath. All products have been designed to a standard that combines good form with high quality. The highest quality such as brass, stainless steel, porcelain, crystal, leather or thermally treated wood, as well as practical details and well thought-out functions combine with modern and timeless design to guarantee long life.

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Below is an excerpt from Decor Walther about the story of how the company began.


We started out in 1973.

As small traders.

In brass handles and door fittings back then.

And then we discovered the bathroom theme.

Maybe we even contributed to developing the market.

For beautiful bathroom accessories.

We’re quite proud of that.

And can rightly be.

Don’t you think?


Now you know where the lion in our brandname comes from.

With the very newest products out.

And with him at our side, we strive for the beautiful things in life, every day.

Because we always want to be that much better, that much more perfect.

Right down to the details.

Because what’s beautiful can simply become more beautiful, and even just perfect.

Perhaps perfection in itself is real beauty.


Meanwhile, we never forget our origins, not even for a second.

We listen to what our trading partners want from us.

And they inspire us with new ideas and thoughts.

Such as good designers, good craftsmen and, of course, good architects.


In a nutshell – that’s what we stand for.

We personally.

We as a brand.

We as a German and European company.


With our own developments, we endeavour to discover and create new things.

At the same time, we’re no slave to fashion.

We try to achieve classics.

Made to last.

In form and in function.


They simply have to fit in with the Decor Walther Range.

With years of experience, we do trust ourselves.

But, in the end, we can only make it happen with small manufacturers or, simply, the right ones.

So, we are always on the lookout for cooperation with the experts.

Be it in brass or stainless steel.

Or in mirrors, glass and lighting.

Be it for wood, textiles or rattan products.

And especially when it’s a question of combining things.


We’ve had many products for years.

Or even the whole of our company life.

They’ve become classics.

Still, we are always developing them further.

And carefully adapting them to current taste


That’s how our trading partners can always develop the range that suits them.

Even with small unit numbers.

We know all about it.

And haven’t forgotten, since 1973.

We began as retailer too, as a specialist firm.



Now you’re spoilt for choice.

Your magic touch is all it takes.