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Sala Verde Lighting & Homeware Australian Lighting Designs

Sala Verde collaborates with communities of artisans using sustainable materials and brings their real and honest products to people who embrace the handmade integrity of ethically and sustainably made things. To people who care about the provenance of what they buy. To people who care not just that the final product is beautiful, but who care about the makers, their communities and the materials used.


An anthropologist. A designer. A collaborator. A social entrepreneur. An environmentalist. Nikki Lisle is all of these things and Sala Verde is a culmination of her desire to combine the honesty, integrity and realness of artisan-made products, her study of anthropology, her years of travelling and living in SE Asia with her love of design.

Nikki’s mission is to encourage people to think about where the products they buy come from, think about who made them and the conditions they work in, and the materials with which they are made.  She wants to help shuffle the consuming herds away from cookie-cutter, mass-produced, cheap-is-good mentality and towards one where individuality of design is sought, where the imperfection of the hand-made is cherished, and the provenance, the story of the making is embraced.

Sala Verde curates and designs lighting and home ware products that are made by communities of artisans in Asia, as well as by talented Australian designers and makers.

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