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    AQO IP67 AC Power Supply

    Australia’s leading outdoor power supply. The AQO is a magnetic, toroidal based power supply with integrated safety features.
    for a wide range of applications wherever 12V or 24V AC SELV power is required.

    LED Power Supply / LED Driver Wattages Available:
    12V AC or 24V DC / 50W
    12V AC or 24V DC / 100W
    12V AC or 24V DC / 200W
    24V DC / 300W
    24V DC / 400W

    Construction Material: Epoxy Filled Extruded Aluminium
    IP Rating: IP67
    Input Voltage: 230V AC / 50Hz
    Output Voltage: 12V AC / 24V AC
    Input Cable: 1.8m Flex & Plug
    Output Cable: 1M 8mm² Cable
    Operating Temp: -20c ~ +40c
    10 Year Aquatran Warranty

    50W – 100W Power Supply Dimensions:
    Length. 133mm
    Width. 112mm
    Height. 65mm

    200W – 400W Power Supply Dimensions:
    Length. 165mm
    Width. 145mm
    Height. 80mm

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