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  • $2,588.00

    Lump Sculpture Studio

    1200 x 1200 Light Panel.

    Lump Studio can also create light feature panels from aluminium and hand painted or powder coated in the colour of your choice. Aluminium is a great alternative to Corten where rust or weight is an issue.

    The Tree of Life design is also available in a laser cut version. Lump Studio always envisioned this would run over three panels but if space is an issue, don’t be put off; they can always re-size this for you.

    Light Panel Powder Coating option available for $300. Lump uses only the best quality Dulux powders that are UV stable and guaranteed to last. Pick up a colour that is already in your home or garden or provide a real splash of colour for contrast.

    Lump’s Faux Rust or Raw Steel paint effects can also be applied to the panel for $500.

    To read more about the different types of finishes please visit the Finishes Page on Lump Sculpture Studios website.

    The bracket and the lights  are to be attached directly to the wall and the Light Feature Panel hangs directly over the top of the lights secured to the wall by the bracket.
    A licensed electrician may install a GPO on the wall to power the lights OR hard wire the lights to the site placing a light switch in an appropriate position.
    Please note if you are using low voltage lighting check with your electrician to make sure if you already have an existing transformer that can power additional lights.