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  • $69.55

    Pop Suspension Cord

    Single drop suspension cord
    The single copper plated Pop suspension with a black cloth cord are ideally hung in clusters.
    A G125 spherical bulbs are a perfect bulb for use with the Pop.
    Alternatively, the new Pop can be used with a shade from our retro Industrial Vintage range.
    Available in Black, Chrome, Copper, Red or White

    L. 2000mm (Max)
    W. 115mm

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  • $180.00

    Cylindrical Washi Lamp Plum (Red / White) Blossom

    These lampshades are handcrafted from Japanese “yuzenshi” which is imported from Japan.
    All lampshades give a strong light for reading, but more importantly create a beautiful ambiance in any room through the beauty and delicacy of the “yuzenshi” papers.
    The lampshades have a strong, specially sourced backing, making them extremely durable.
    The photos show the “on” (night time) and “off” (daytime) image of each lamp.
    Includes chrome table lamp base.

    Shade H. 250mm
    Shade W. 150mm

    Base H. 300mm
    Base D. 150mm

    1 x SES Max 40W.

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  • $195.00

    Honeycomb Table Lamp (Red)
    kouichi okamoto

    year : 2006
    material : paper
    size : W 300mm × D 300mm × H 450mm
    package weight : 0.5kg

    Kyouei Design used “denguri paper” for this shade of a lamp.
    The “denguri paper” is a local product of Shikoku region in Japan.
    When it is packed, the thickness is about 2cm and it can be a lamp shade when you open it and put together those edges by some pins..
    Please use an under 10W lampbulb – also recommended to use E26/E27 size bulb holder (lampholder & cord sold seperatley).

    Lead time: 2-3 weeks.

  • $65.00

    Balloon Lamp (Red)
    kouichi okamoto

    year : 2005
    material : rubber. polypropylene.
    LED : colour – red.
    lithium-coin battery (CR2032)
    package size : W160mm x D40mm x H250mm
    package weight : 60g

    They are a lamp which is made with a balloon and LED.
    The LED has no generation off power like other lights, such as incandescent lamps and it has high illumination, long lifetime and is energy-saving.
    It is also possible to use it continuously over 100 hours by using the 2lithium-coin batteries.

    Lead time: 2-3 weeks.