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  • $325.00

    Handcrafted Original Black / Pink Sakura Table Lamp

    The striking black outer layer of each shade is hand-cut to its own original design.
    The pink lower layer of beautiful Japanese unryushi paper, results in a masterpiece of a functional light source that truly is also a piece of art. 

    The unique design of these lamps which is based around a traditional Japanese candle holder, captures the attention in any room.
    Every lamp is different due to being multi-layered with the outer layer of each shade being hand-cut to its own original design.
    All shades have a strong, heat-resistant backing making them durable.
    These Sakura Lamps create a beautiful ambiance, that has to be seen to be believed.
    Feedback from customers include; “it really is a piece of art”,”it changed the whole room into a serene haven”.
    Includes chrome table lamp base.

    H. 470mm
    W. 280mm
    D. 270mm

    1 x SES Max 40W.

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