Black Matte & Nickel Plated

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    Width: 30cm
    Height: 35cm
    Diam.: 19cm
    Weight: 0,95kg

    Marcus is a charismatic table lamp that fits anywhere, either on a side table or a desk. It has a vintage high
    tech feel, which gets even more beautifull when you turn it on. Its structure is made in brass, the lampshade
    in aluminium and the inside has an acrylic transparent layer.

    Body: Nickel Plated
    Shade: Black Matte & Nickel Plated

    STANDARD RAL COLOURS: white (9010) | black (9005) | red (3020) | blue (5019) | yellow (1023) | grey (7005) | orange (2004)
    Please note on the order your preference of colours for the shades.
    Lamp: E27 1x Incandescent Lamp

    Lead Time from Portugal: 6-8 weeks (some rural areas of Australia may experience slightly longer timeframes due to locality)

    DELIGHTFULL | UNIQUE LAMPS – is all about mid-century modern lighting creations.
    A unique design for a vintage or contemporary setting. 100% handmade suspension, floor, table and wall fixtures.
    Pieces that are gently made by devoted artisans who pulse the handmade art in their veins.
    DELIGHTFULL’s world is about ambiance, history, moments that stay forever through lighting designs created by our artisans with wisdom and passion for craftsmanship.

    Each DELIGHTFULL piece embodies an intense passion for vintage lighting classics smoothly reinterpreted through contemporary design.
    Each DELIGHTFULL piece is made using the same methods and materials as in 50 years ago, a manual wisdom frequently forgotten with today’s massive production. That’s why is so easy to customize our fixtures.
    Each DELIGHTFULL piece is a picture of the seductive devotion to the complex and engaging world of jazz and soul music.
    We believe we have our own aesthetic and philosophy. Each piece represents a pop culture commemoration, that’s what makes it unique and timeless.

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