Vessel 27 LED Outdoor Lamp

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Vessel 27 LED Outdoor Lamp

Vessel 27 LED Outdoor Lamp is the new version of the Vessel lantern, the Vessel2 is a great addition to any d├ęcor with its rounded curves and small size.
With its retractable wooden handle and its wireless technology, this outdoor lamp will follow you everywhere.
Use its Bluetooth technology to change the ambiance via your smartphone following your desires!
Includes recharging base station + remote control, li-ion battery charge lasts 6-8 hours, 6 hours recharging time.

IP57 Polythylene material
12 Pre-recorded dynamic colour changing modes.
LED bulb includes 1 White LED and 4 Coloured LEDs

L. 195mm
W. 195mm
H. 275mm

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